Hello, my name is Gene Hightower.
Some email addresses I use are
♥@digilicious.com or
?@digilicious.com or
{}@digilicious.com or
"@#$%"@digilicious.com or
almost any address (local part) at the domain @digilicious.com. All your local parts are belong to my mailbox.

Please consider using OpenPGP. My key is available on many key servers.

You can also reach me at:
{whateves}@genehightower.com or
gene.hightower@gmail.com or
gene_hightower@hotmail.com or
gene_hightower@rocketmail.com or
gene_q_hightower@yahoo.com or

The above gmail address also works for XMPP. Don't forget to use OTR.

You can reach me on Ricochet, too.

In the Fediverse I am @digilicious@mastodon.at.

My telephone number is +1 323 206 6802

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