Hello, my name is Gene Hightower.
Some email addresses I use are
♥@digilicious.com or
?@digilicious.com or
"@#$%"@digilicious.com or
almost any address (local part) at the domain @digilicious.com. All your local part are belong to us.

Please consider using OpenPGP. My key is available on many key servers.

You can also reach me at:
{whateves}@genehightower.com or
gene.hightower@gmail.com or
gene_hightower@hotmail.com or
gene_hightower@rocketmail.com or
gene_q_hightower@yahoo.com or

The above gmail address also works for XMPP. Don't forget to use OTR.

I'm on the Jami distributed communication platform.
Contact on Jami

You can reach me on Ricochet, too.

My telephone number is +1 323 206 6802

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